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Here at E3R, we are all about keeping the indie in independent. Being able to have access to next level mixing by a professional audio engineer is essential. Production can be the added catalyst to your record breaking, high quality recording will take it there, and having an exceptional mix engineer will seal the deal. Based out of Nashville, we have a mass amount of recording studios to work out of with hourly and day room rates, access to some of Nashville's finest session players, and all of the resources and tools that Music City has to offer. Let the E3R team help you take your music to the next level starting now.





I firmly believe with my years of experience I can take your songs to where they need to be. I'm not happy until the artist is happy. I use current plugins, Avid's Pro Tools, a mix of classic outboard gear to ensure project has the best mix possible, honing in on all of the different sonic elements in the song. 



From tracking in the various studios to, to recording on location I am able to work on any size project no matter how big or small. With access to different consoles, recording studios and room rates, custom built guitar pedals, outboard gear, etc., and unconventional methods, I can record your next project with a unique sound. 



Producing begins with the song. As a songwriter myself, I believe I can shape your music in ways you never thought of through the collaborative process. Songwriting and production go hand and hand, and having a knowledgeable person guide you through the process is essential. Using a mix of traditional and unconventional techniques, your project is guaranteed to move to the next level, all the while keeping the heart of what it means to be an independent artist: individuality.

About Josh

Photo by Nick Floyd

Photo by Nick Floyd

While beginning his musical career as an artist himself, Josh honed his craft in songwriting and becoming a multi instrumentalist and vocalist. Through this process, he learned the importance of having the support of a great producer and engineer and wanted to make a positive impact for other artists in the music industry.

After producing and recording artists, singer songwriters, indie artists, and so much more, such as Elevator Art, Midnight Mosaic, True Will, Breathing Blue and others in the  in the Asbury Park music scene, Josh Hastick took his audio engineering journey to the next step by relocating Engine 3 to Winter Park, FL, while he attended Full Sail University in pursuit of a Bachelor of Science in Recording Arts. His expertise has culminated between Full Sail University as well as with two certificates in audio engineering from Ocean County Vocational Technical School. While at Full Sail University, Josh has recorded and mixed all genres of music ranging from indie, rock, alternative, grunge, pop, folk, punk rock, to hip hop/rap, country and many more. Now beginning the next step for him in Nashville, Tennessee, he remains passionate about working with the independent artists.

Now setting up shop in Nashville, Tennessee, Josh is working with different singer songwriters, indie artists, alternative rock, jazz, indie pop, country, and so much more. From mixing albums, recording projects, and producing, Josh is taking Nashville by storm here at E3r. 

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